Shri Charotar Vaishya Suthar Bandhu Samaj, Vadodara was established on 26th January 1993 in Vadodara. The prime moto behind the foundation of this organization was to bring all the Charotar Vaishya Suthar Community members residing in Vadodara City and the District, on a common platform, so that each member may ramain in touch with the other. This may also promote love, affection and brotherhood among the community members, creating a sense of responsibility towards the community members and feelings to help each other in all kind of situations.

The idea of forming a small organization with the above objectives, was discussed among our leading community members of Vadodara. (1) Shri Maheshbhai P. Gajjar, (2) Shri Dineshchandra R. Gajjar, (3) Shri Parmendrabhai R. Gajjar, (4) Shri Ashwinbhai I. Mistry, (5) Shri Vishnubhai D. Suthar, (6) Shri Dilipbhai P. Mistry, (7) Shri Harshadbhai I. Mistry, and (8) Shri Mahendrabhai I. Suthar were among the leading community members who took initiative and explained the idea of forming an organization of Charotar Vaishy Suthars of Vadodara to all the community members by individually approaching the community members at their home. Finally a small gettogather of the community members with family members, was held at Sayaji Garden, Vadodara on 03rd January 1993. This was the first meeting of the community members of Vadodara. Many things were discussed, many ideas were floated, and finally it was decided to meet again at the same place on 26th January 1993.

The community members again met at Sayaji Garden on 26th Janary 1993, as decided in the previous meeting. This time a final decission of forming an organization was taken. Executive committee members / office bearers were decided, the organization was given a name "Shri Charotar Vaishya Suthar Bandhu Samaj, Vadodara", decession on the membership fee was also taken, and thus the organization came into existance.

Later the constitution of the organization was formed. Goals of the organization were set. A list of the community members residing in Vadodara city and the district was prepared, based on which registration of the members of the organization was done.

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