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The education front was given the prime importance, and to promote education in the community members, schemes of providing note-books at a concessional rate to the community members' children was implemented, which is still continueing.

The idea of publishing directory of the community members was floated in one of the routine executive body meeting, which was accepted by majority. As a result, the first directory of our community was published in the year 1994.

Celebration of the Vishwakarma Jayanti every year is being undertaken regularly. As a part of promoting education among the community children, bright students are being awarded with prizes on the occassion of the Vishwakarma Jayanti. "Maha prasad" is also arranged at this occassion.

Shri Charotar Vaishya Suthar Bandhu Samaj, Vadodara had arranged "Samuha Yagnopavit" programmes successfully for four times, since its inception. During 4th "Samuha Yagnopavit" Program, not only children from Vadodara city/District, but the children from the whole of the community were given previlage to participate. As many as 22 children were given "Yagnopavit Sanskar" in the 4th "Samuha Yagnopavit" program, which was one of the most successful program arranged by Shri Charotar Vaishya Suthar Bandhu Samaj, Vadodara.

Many community members have contributed a lot in the progress of this organization, and still there are so many things to do. The executive body invites young and energetic community members to come forward and join their hands to bring up our organization to a still new height.

For carrying out the developmental works, the main necessity is the finance. Our community members have been donating generously to run the organization. Still there is a need for more finance. The executive committee requests the community members to donate more generously to help organization carry out more and more social activities.

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